I Hate Travelocity

Maybe that’ll get their attention.

I receive a “fare alert” email from Travelocity when certain routes I have identified fall below a certain price threshold. Today’s rant is brought to you by the (supposed) low, low price of $173 from Chicago to Portland.

I see the email and click the “book now” button, thanks to it being an HTML email. Of course, it takes me to a blank page. Three times to a blank page. No matter, I can just type travelocity.com into the address field. The first thing I see:

travelocity screen shot

My first thought is, how do they know where I live?! Oh yeah, cookie. But, think I, why not save 20% on flights from Bloomington. I click the image…

travelocity screen shot

Okay. So fares aren’t available for my city. So why the hell did they advertise in big, friendly white letters that I could save 20% from BLOOMINGTON? Musta been a typo. Fine, I will just search from the home page.

Enter Chicago… Enter Portland… Select “flexible dates” because I don’t know exactly when I want to leave. Click search. I get a list of airlines that offer a range of prices, but I see my $173 at the top of the list. Cool. I click through and see this:

travelocity screen shot

I think, why not the 7th of July. Sure.

travelocity screen shot

Okay, not that. How about the 14th.

travelocity screen shot

Okay… How about the 17th? 22nd? 27th?! 30th?!?!

travelocity screen shot

See, the problem I am having here is that the little green boxes mean that SEATS ARE AVAILABLE (that is what is known as type-aloud protocol). So, tell me this: if seats are available, why when I click the seats-are-available green boxes, does the page reload to tell me it is sold out? Why can’t the system just check when the page loads for the first time and only show me the days where, oh I don’t know, seats are actually available.

Fine. I don’t want to travel in August, but why not see if I can get all boxes to change to gray. Let’s say August 2nd.

travelocity screen shot

Holy crap it worked! What do I do now? I still don’t want to go in August, but I must see this through. So I click on the 6th.

travelocity screen shot

Here we go again. And it is at this point I give up. To add insult to injury, when I left the site, they popped up a window telling me what I just searched on and wouldn’t I like to purchase it for $324. No. I’d rather pay $173. And I’d rather buy from another site.

This has always been an issue with Travelocity for me. I just don’t understand why they cannot show the information I want, when I want it. Especially since I know they have access to the correct data. Each page reload shows me they know.

This seems like a low-hanging-fruit usability issue. If it truly is, then this is a good example of how a small fix can have a big impact on that whole customer experience thing. As it is, my customer experience was negative thanks to, based on my goal, an unusable site.


  1. Ahhh…a fellow Travelocity hater! I just had the same exact experience and immediately went to Google and typed “I hate Travelocity.” I figured there HAD to be someone out there with the same experience. Thanks for the laugh ;-)

  2. If you think this is bad try cancelling a trip after purchasing cancellation insurance. I cancelled 5 weeks before my trip. Travelocity charged a $160 penalty plus the cost of the policy and they expected me to call their insurance carrier. Got bit by the fine print. Same situation on Expedia, same trip but no problems.

  3. Yes, Travelocity sucks!! I booked a one-night in NC on a trip to MD for a funeral. I read the fine print carefully. Then I booked 4 nights at the Marriot Courtyard in Columbia, MD. Why read the fine print again? I should have!! I checked out 2 days early but could not get a refund!! My fault? Yes… Will I EVER use Travelocity again? NO! Will I EVER stay at a Marriot property again? NO!!

  4. Hey Guys,
    You guys have had it bad…but let me tell you about my experience and Travelocity’s lack of guarantee. I decided to take my girlfriend to New York to propose to her. I decided to use the upgraded ground transportation (luxury sedan). The day of the flight, I called the company to tell them that we would be fifteen minutes late due to delays. They told me to call when I landed. So, I landed and called them. They said the driver would be there in five minutes. After waiting outside for twenty minutes, a shuttle van appears. Needless to say after paying $125 for that one trip, I was pissed. I called travelocity to complain when I got to my hotel. After waiting on hold for forty-five minutes, I hung up. I called them the next morning and again waited on hold for another forty minutes. The person I talked to told me that I had to use their service and that the best they could offer me is a fax number to fax my complaint when I got back and not to expect a refund…Didn’t it say that they would work with the vendors to make it right, I asked. They explained they could do nothing about it now, but go ahead and fax my information when I got back. I told her about her guarantee again. She replied that this was the service I should expect because it is deeply discounted. The limo ride that I had arranged for the following night cost less than my combined trips back and forth from the airport. So, I hung up with them. The next day another shuttle van showed up and picked up two other people before making it to the airport. I called when I got back and they offered me a fifty dollar discount on a future flight and explained they would refund the amount of the two trips.
    I explained that I would never use travelocity again. I was refunded one of the trips, but they said since I had accepted the first trip without raising some sort of hell that I had to pay for it. I am in the process of reporting them to the Federal Trade Commission for false advertising. Thanks guys, I HATE TRAVELOCITY!!!!!!

  5. Travelocity Trip ID 260658929728 (KMM11487269I5328L0KM)
    I reserved 2 rooms on March 6th 2006 for March 24-28 in Miami and on the 16th I get an email from travelocity that they cannot honor my reservation. They had already taken $1200 out of my account on the 6th and 10 days after they decided they couldn’t give me what I payed for. My whole trip was ruined. We couldn’t find rooms anywhere else because of Winter Music Conference in Miami.
    When I asked for a refund they said they need 30 business days to return my money. After screaming to them for an hour they said they would refund within 7 business days.
    On top of the sales rep didn’t speak english very well and I was on hold for an hour.

    Dear Mr Pittas,

    Thank you for making your hotel reservation through Travelocity.

    Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that the Riande Continental
    Bayside will not be able to
    honor your reservation as they are completely sold out for the dates
    you had chosen.

    We really regret the inconvenience this may have caused you.

    Please contact our Customer Service Department at 888-709-5983 (24
    hours a day) with your trip id so
    we may assist you in locating an alternate hotel or a complete refund
    as per your convenience.


    Sam H
    Travelocity Customer Service



  7. I hope people are still reading this I work for Travelocity and if you think we give a shit about your petty complaints you are wrong. This is all your fault didn’t read the rules can’t change a name on a ticket. This is the same thing all of us deal with on a daily basis a bunch of morons so if you don’t want to use us then go somewhere else and PLEASE pass this message along to the other moron travelers I DARE YOU.

  8. Wow. If Jared truly works for Travelocity, I hope he gets fired for speaking like this to customers and potential customers.

    But since this post has never received feedback from an actual, recognisable Travelocity representative, I bet Jared will have a long future with Travelocity.

  9. Yes Matthew I do still work for Travelocity and I get these same calls every day, fare alerts we don’t know how many seats there are once they are gone that is it. Refunds take 30 days that is the credit card companies (more interest), Sam didn’t read the fine print. Mr. Pittas while unfortunate we can’t help that the Riande wouldn’t honor his reservation. As far as Andrew goes names on tickets are non transferable…You can pass this message along and put it on any board you want. Go somewhere else until you screw up and don’t get your way then find another place to go. We don’t need any more moron travelers at Travelocity.

  10. Well every one here seems pretty pissed off and I must say that I’m one them as well. I checked in to a hotel in Pigeon FOrge, TN that I booked with Travelocity. I was there on business but my wife and son were joining me 2 days later. The hotel said they had an indoor swimming pool. It was true – sort of. But the pool was only about 6 feet across and really more like a large bath tub. Very weird.

    I checked in late at night so I really had no alternatives but to stay there. When I checked in I was confronted with lobby of guys mixing and spraying paint. Paint fumes permeated the hotel. THere was paint covering everything. The room was substandard to say the least. The breakfast they advertised was completely inedible. I was concerned that my son who has asthema would have an attack so I tried to change my reservations. What a surprise that was. My trip guarantee from Travelocity was just lip service. They eventually did allow me to change after staying there 2 days but not without paying a $45 change fee!!! None of this crap was my fault but I’m supposed pay to make things right? Since the thing was done on-line I’m sure that I have no recourse. But I’ll check with American Express and see if they will help me. I’m hoping to file a suit in small claims court.

    Perhaps Travelocity could get some people who work there who actually care. Or even someone who understands English would be a plus.

    These guys suck big time.

  11. Well, it seems that Travelocity CSRs ( and, I use that term loosely) claim Travelocity is not a travel agency even though all their suppliers classify them as such. The Gnome is a little fat liar . Their guarantees are not worth the pixels it takes to publish to their site.

    I had an awful “hotel” experience April 17th at the Ramada Bardstown in Bardstown, KY. Noxious fumes on all rooms from the glue used for carpet installation made all our mucus membranes immediately burn and caused immediate headaches. It was late, the night clerk called the manager who refused to do anything and referred us back to Travelocity, no offer of a refund of the fully prepaid nights, even under these circumstances and although others were also checking out at the same time.

    Now, Travelocity requires AUTHORIZATION from the “hotel” to put through a credit. The manager sleaze, Armin, lied and said we stayed there. And, Travelocity says there’s nothing they can do and that we should call the hotel. Ri-i-ight!

    I remark that as a former travel agent with years of experience with my own clientele that I’d put through the credit immediately and then, go after the hotel. They get nasty, insulting and claim they are not a travel agency. So, much for Travelocity. I will NEVER use them EVER again!

  12. Richard said “Perhaps Travelocity could get some people who work there who actually care” Now you understand what I have been trying to say we only give a shit about our pocketbook not the customer.
    Under Travelocity continues to suck it was said “But since this post has never received feedback from an actual, recognisable Travelocity representative, I bet Jared will have a long future with Travelocity” You are so correct.

  13. I purchased a trip through Travelocity.com four months in advance of my trip which is’nt until sept. 18 2006. I tried like others just to change my hotel room, but no sucess and never got a response from the numerous e-mails I sent. When I tried to speak to someone in customer service I could’nt understand them (yea!! for out sourcing)!!!! Unfortunatley I e-mailed Travelocity and told them I called the hotel and they said they have not received any thing from travelocity yet. Now remember trip booked but no money changed changed hands and nothing sent to the hotel or other providers as of my future trip. Travelocity wants $283.00 for me to change a hotel just two days after booking with them and four months in advance of my trip. All of this was due to an unsafe steep road leading to and from the hotel in Gatlinburg. No I did not waste my money on the B.S. trip insurance. Hey Jared love your e-mails my attorney who is currently investigating Travelociy.com is going to love them, Thanks!!!!!!!!!! Jared I have a deal for you, I hope you think you have covered all your bases, go on a vacation with your family or other and THEN IT HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!!! Police officer R. Bozek

  14. Jared? Go to freakin’ hell!! Travelocity charged my CC without even securing a room. The REAL morons, those in India, have no clue how to fix something like advertising a hotel room for $119 when it hasn’t been available at that price for a week… They are, however, excellent at leaving you on hold…. Bravo…. How do you sleep at night, ya’ fuckin’ prick?

  15. Coming from Travelocity, I can say Jared is not a Travelocity representative, and should realize the legal liability involved.

    I apologize for letting this go on so long and for the frustration I’ve seen here. We do take customer service very seriously, and I am forwarding these issues to teams in the company.

  16. Jared here I figured I would make one LAST appearance to defend myself and by the time this is read by anyone my computer will be on a moveing van heading far away from here so this is posted from an ex employee of travelocity and I will tell you why they suck and list all the reasons they don’t care about customer service and then you won’t here from me again. DT said I didn’t work at Travelocity well I did at the time he posted I didn’t I gladly gave my resigination some month before because I knew I would be moveing soon and because they screwed me out of alot of money in comissions. So lets look at why I can tell you they don’t give a shit about customer service.
    1. Takeing away american jobs and giving them to India where most of them don’t speak good english and you can’t seem to get them to understand your promblem or can’t understand them but I am sure Travelocity saved some money on payroll.
    2. You purchase a 14 day advance ticket at 9:45 p.m. pst and it sits around in queue for 20 minutes so when it’s ticketed at 12:05 a.m. cst no more 14 day advance guess what you loose.
    3. I can’t tell you how many times I had a customer call and thier ticket had been issued but multiple times if they catch it within 24 hrs. great if not you have to send in your credit card statement showing us proof. Of course if we gave a shit about the customer we would clearly be able to see our mistake and correct it and if you used a debit card I hope you have some extra money sitting around because you are screwed.
    4. How many people have seen a rate advertised for a flight, hotel or cruise only to try and get and fail and all we do is feed you some line of BS as to why we are not going to honor an advertised price?
    5. How many of you hotel clerks like our easy billing system for our hotels. 6. Speaking of hotels we are required to offer you what we call an MMH hotel which may be the best price if you are not military, AARP, AAA or senior citizen but try to get a rate for one of the above on a good buy hotel(the ones with the green tags) not going to happen we are going to tell you that is the best rate.
    Well I have defended myself and really not told anyone here something they already didn’t know.I must leave for good I have movers waiting on me. I will continue in the future to bash the shit out of Travelocity and tell everyone I come in contact with how bad they are and as an ex employee I will have more of a chance to have a listening ear. This is Jared saying good bye.

  17. Hi… I’ve been on the phone with Travelocity now for a total of 12 hrs.
    I called last night at 9 pm when it was discovered that the flight I booked with Travelocity for my family was leaving from MINNEAPOLIS, NOT FROM INDIANAPOLIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Six people, six tickets, around $1,600.00 and the wrong departure location. The Indian lady that I talked to over the phone, misunderstood what I said, and now the fucks at Travelocity are trying to make me buy a whole new flight for my family at about $2,000.00 more than what I had originally signed on for……. IS THIS REALLY MY FAULT!!!???? I’ll accept some of the blame, b/c I should have caught this mistake earlier, but REALLY!!!!!!!!! What the FUCK!!! I’m supposed to call these people back in an hour and see if they’ve fixed the problem for me, but I want them and all of you to know that if this issue is not resolved favorable, I WILL MAKE IT MY PERSONAL LIFE GOAL TO RUIN TRAVELOCITY, I WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO BANKRUPT THEM, I WILL NOT REST UNTILL THEY HAVE ALL CRIED AND EVERY PERSON IN INDIA IS OUT OF A JOB.

  18. Jared hints at some of the problems here, but lacks the intellect to connect-the-dots.

    Travelocity [and for that matter Orbitz and Expedia] is merely a middleman. That doesn’t mean they get a pass on giving crap service (in fact, that’s about their only value proposition these days, hence their emphasis on this in advertising. Michelle is a smart marketer, if nothing else). But they add no incremental value other than an availability and price search engine that extends across numerous supplier brands. That’s it. They’re a search engine. Trust me…they sit in meetings every week in Dallas thinking about how can they improve their cvp. It’s not “best prices”, that went away with the end of the recession. In the meantime, as high paid strategists come up with hair brained ideas, they have swarms of “business owners” looking for ways to boost their division’s financial performance. If you run operations, hey, why not transform customer service from a cost center into a profit center. Let’s offshore everything to drive average call cost to below a few dollars. On the supply team side, they’re just scrambling to make their numbers. Not a supplier in the world that’s worth their salt needs TVL’s distribution these days. Even a flea bag motel in Cedar Rapids is running at record occupancy and RevPAR (revenue per available room). So, these TVLY supply team folks go out and negotiate some limited special deals [packages, cruises and hotels, not standalone flights], but–as a previously referenced–in these days of full planes and hotels, suppliers are disinclined to do so unless they’ve got remnant inventory that needs to fill in (e.g. hurricane season in Jamaica). The margin break TVL passes to customers comes with material risks to the customer (the fine print that no one reads, thinking the Gnome will protect them…bad idea Michelle). First, given the fact that the airlines have taken all the revenue out of air ticket transactions, they rely more and more on booking revenue from hotels, or with cancels, changes, and breakage fees (which must give auditors a fit). Ever gotten a ticket fedex’d from these services? Probably the highest margin product next to insurance (which is plain foolish to purchase). Second, suppliers tend to resent TVL and intermediaries. They think these companies offer really little incremental benefit and can’t wait for things like Troogle (travel google) to disintermediate these intemediaries. They all remember how TVL treated them post-9/11 and during the War. Hence, they are very disinclined to give special consideration or value to consumers who book on a lower net revenue basis. Many hotels train their front desk staff to blame any problem on an intermediary like TVL; why not, they’re an easy target and won’t dare retaliate. Like to accumulate points with your hotel loyalty program? Most hotels will not honor bookings made through these services. The folks at marriott and other chains are intelligent. They know their best customers/highest revenue comes from those who book direct (and business travel). Consumers booking “deals” from a website like TVL are the bottom of the heap. You’ll get always “get walked” over the next guy who booked direct with the hotel supplier. Airlines aren’t quite as intelligent, but the one’s that are smart refuse to distribute through services like TVLY. For example, Jet Blue and SWA get it and won’t get caught having some value vortex stand between their business and their customers. So I have empathy for those of you who got screwed or poorly treated, but do yourself a favor and book supplier direct. Shop anywhere you want, but where you plunk down your credit card makes a big difference. Come on TVL people, please explain how I’m wrong. Tell me what’s the value proposition? Silence = none. No?

  19. Sent by FAX April, 2007
    Based on what I read on this site, I don’t EVER expect to hear any response from this. {{sigh}}

    To Whom It May Concern at Travelocity Customer Relations –

    For 2 years, my family had been planning a family reunion to occur in Ireland in Sept. 2006. The group went from all over the world to meet with our Irish relatives for a once-in-a-lifetime event. In April 2006, I booked my ticket with Travelocity from Pittsburgh to Shannon for this event. I have enclosed the passenger receipt from the mandatory paper tickets for this trip.

    Unfortunately, the plane was scheduled to take off on Sept. 13th, but my passport didn’t arrive at my house until the next day, Sept. 14th. During the week prior, I tried, in vain, to expedite the passport process with the government. By Sept. 12th, I realized that my situation was hopeless, so I was forced to cancel my plane reservations. Travelocity’s “Karen” did this for me at approximately 3 p.m. Eastern time.

    It was not by-choice that I cancelled my trip for my own convenience. I was exceptionally disappointed to miss a very important family event because the U.S. Government has been taking much longer to process passport renewals than normal, because of new regulations.

    I was told by “Thomas” on January 14th at approximately 4:45 p.m. Eastern time that I needed to rebook my travel through Travelocity by April 9th, 2007. I was explicitly told that I did not have to travel by that date, but only book a trip by then. I could travel any time. This reiterated what I was told by “Karen” back on September 12th, that I just have to book my trip within one year of the original booking.

    In March 2007, I decided to rebook my trip. I called Travelocity on 3/30. I spoke with “Alex” at approximately 3:45 p.m.. He told me that Travelocity no longer is in charge of the credit for my cancelled trip, and that it transferred to the airline after a certain length of time. No one ever told me that could or would happen before that. I was told that Travelocity no longer had any records of my credit for travel. I was told that only Aer Lingus could help me rebook any travel.

    I called Aer Lingus that same day, March 30, and they refused to help me rebook any new travel, because they had no record of any credit. I called USAir, since part of the travel was on USAir flights. They told me that they could see my $479.70 credit on their computer, but they could also see that Aer Lingus owned the credit, and that only Aer Lingus could help me. USAir told me that they were powerless to help me rebook a trip, although USAir was listed as the airline that was handling my trip on email that I received from Travelocity on June 16th, 2006.

    I continued to call Travelocity repeatedly that same day, March 30, asking for help rebooking travel. I called at 7:50 p.m. and was put on hold for over 40 minutes until Travelocity dropped my phone call. That was not the first time that situation occurred. One night prior to that, I spent over 4 HOURS on the phone, trying to talk to someone at Travelocity. I kept being put on-hold, after contact with the first-line people. I remained on the line, on-hold, each time until Travelocity dropped my call after about 40-50 minutes. Your phone records should show evidence of this.

    I called Travelocity back on the evening of March 30 again. I spoke with “Rachel” at about 8:35 p.m. Travelocity dropped my call at 9:08 p.m. I called back again. Finally, at 9:35 p.m., I spoke with a supervisor, at my request. Natasha told me that Travelocity would do nothing for me until I mailed in my mandatory paper tickets. She said that there were no available Travelocity records to locate my credit or to help me to rebook any travel. She told me to call back, five days after sending the paper tickets.

    I did send in the paper tickets that I had to pay 24.95 extra for, to Texas on March 31, 2007. I called Travelocity back on Wednesday, April 3rd. “Sophia” told me that Travelocity had not received the tickets, and that I would receive a phone call when they did get my paper tickets.

    I received a phone call at about 9:15 p.m. on Thursday, April 4th on my work telephone. Since Friday was a holiday, I didn’t get the phone message until the evening of Saturday, April 6th, when I returned to work. Up until this time, I had called Travelocity many, many times, as your records will show. No one helped me to book new travel.

    On April 9th, between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m. Eastern time, I spoke with “James”. I asked him to transfer me to the reissue department. I was handed-off to “Brittany” there, and I asked her to please get a supervisor involved. She contacted “Michael”, her supervisor. “Michael” told me that they could not and would not help me to rebook any travel to use my credit. Instead, he advised me to contact Travelocity’s customer relations department for assistance.

    Finally, I called Travelocity on April 9 at approximately 7:15 p.m. Eastern time. “Daniel” transferred me to “Frank” in the issue/rebooking department after about 45 minutes on-hold. I asked “Frank” to transfer the credit from Aer Lingus to USAir so that I can rebook travel, since USAir could see my credit but Aer Lingus could not. He refused to do that and told me that he couldn’t do that. Then, after 72 minutes on the phone with this call, my call was completely dropped.

    I called Travelocity right back again at about 8:35 p.m. “Sharon” transferred me to the rebooking/reissue department. After 43 minutes, my phone call again was disconnected by Travelocity. I called Travelocity back again at approximately 9:20 p.m. This time, I talked to “George”. At about 9:40 p.m., George and his supervisor transferred me to “Sarah” in the reissue/rebooking department. She told me that I would have to rebook with Aer Lingus for a fee. This contradicted the fact that Aer Lingus clearly told me that they had no record of my credit and that all of their tickets are completely non-refundable. I asked “Sarah” to get a supervisor to help with my situation. “Mark”, a supervisor, came on the line and told me that I would have to call back at 9:00 a.m. on April 10th. He clearly stated that my credit would not expire, and that I would have the credit available to me on April 10th. He said that he could not help me in any way, unless Aer Lingus could be conferenced-in on the phone call. The Aer Lingus office was closed at this time.

    I called Travelocity back on April 10th and spoke with “Jane” at about 11:45 a.m. She transferred me to Ray Ybarra in Travelocity’s Rail department. I explained to Ray that I was trying to reach the rebooking/reissue desk. Ray, unlike any other Travelocity representative that I had spoken with, took care with my phone call, trying to route me to the proper person, and remaining on the line until someone could be reached who I believed would handle my case. “Anna” was in the reissue/rebooking department, received my call at approximately 12:35 p.m. “Anna” put me on-hold to check out what “Mark” had told me the night before. At approximately 12:55 p.m., “Anna” said that her supervisor told her that no one at Travelocity could or would help me. She conferenced-in a representative of Aer Lingus, who said that they certainly couldn’t help me. The Aer Lingus person urged “Anna” to have someone at Travelocity help me.

    Please help me. I am not asking for any favors or preferential treatment. I am simply asking to be treated fairly. I tried my very best to comply with all of Travelocity’s requirements and rules to the best of my ability. I was patient and diligent. I was surprised at several different points when I was blind-sided by Travelocity rules that I didn’t know about. I was not given consistent information about what I needed to do. Now, here I am, a year past the time when I booked my travel that I could not take. Is there any justice or any fairness at Travelocity ?

    My hope is to rebook a trip through Travelocity to go with a group on a medical mission trip to serve very poor, sick people. Please help me to do this.

    My 24x7x365 cell phone number is ….

    My confirmation code for my trip is …..

    My original Trip ID Number is ….

    My original ticket number on my paper ticket is …..




  20. Wow. It’s all a mind game folks. Corporate America has taken over this nation. Before we book a trip through our Travel Agent around the corner who will answer the phone and not leave us on hold forever, we book through what is constantly advertised in our face not realizing we are paying for those advertise dollars. If Travelocity, Priceline, hotels.com and Expedia didn’t advertise the way they do, you would never buy from them. But because we are brained washed to forget about the little guy, and go with what’s popular we end up with horrible experiences.
    For example, I personally treat all of my clients as if they are the only one. Not one of my clients have any complaints what so ever. They can call me directly 24 hours a day and never expect not to reach me.
    And those that still enjoy booking themselves can go directly to our website to book their air, hotel, rental car, etc. and still get my great personal service. I don’t have the millions of dollars to advertise so you wont come to my site even though my prices are super low. In fact some of our hotels offer a 110% guarantee that you wont find it cheaper anywhere. But I bet if I increased my price, left people on hold for an hour, delivered horrible service, I would get a ton of customers if I had 10 million dollars of T.V and Radio commercials in your face everyday.
    Selvin Morgan

  21. Travelocity are hands down the biggest thieves ourthere. These non-english speaking managers are as usefull as dog **** that is laced with curry. I booked this hotel from ther website, when I showed up they would not let me check in because they had power issues and they did not clean the rooms !!!??? SO i call travelocity and ofcource that little gnome was as useful as a **** off . The stupid manager did not want to change the hotel, and i reserved another one and paid for both of them. UGH its what i get for trusting these curry smelling sandbags !!!!

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