— 18 June 2005 —

I Need a Digital Camera Recommendation

Updated2: Well I am grateful for everyone’s advice both on-blog and via email. However, looks like the camera money will be going to pay an unexpectedly large bill. Alas. I’ll be coming back to the recommendations in a few paychecks from now. :)

Updated: Many thanks to the suggestions so far. I might be able to swing this if I can sell my digital camcorder on eBay.

While post titles seem to be on an “I…” roll this week, it isn’t the start of a new theme.

For the first time ever, I will be traveling while Claire and Sagan are traveling. The first time ever part is that we are going in different directions. I am going to Montreal. They are going to Seattle and Eugene.

I am only gone for a week. They will be gone for a month. The title of this post comes in because Claire wants to take the camera with her, and I want to take it with me. Which translates to I need to get a camera for me.

I haven’t been paying attention to the digital cameras of late, since our camera, a Canon A75, does very well for us. So I need some help. Do you have a recommendation?

Here’s my criteria:

  • I am traveling and will be at a conference.
  • It can’t be too expensive (unless I start a Dropcash campaign).
  • It has to take great pictures in potentially not well lit rooms.
  • It needs to be light.
  • It needs to be at least 3 megapixels.

I leave on June 25th, so your recommendations are welcome sooner than later. ;) If I don’t get a camera, blogging from UPA 2005 will be text only.

Which would be sad for all of us.

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