2005 UPA Salary Survey

It’s that time again. UPA wants to know how much you make. If you consider yourself a usabilityer (I would guess as your primary role), help them out by taking the 5 minute survey.

Their request is listed below:

Since 1991 the UPA has been focused on providing tools, resources, and data to support our members and the usability industry. To continue these services, we are asking for 5 minutes of your time, to contribute to an updated survey on the state of the industry, focusing on our jobs and compensation.

The survey is online at

Why Participate?

To improve the usability industry – Often, the first step to improve a process is to capture a baseline for future comparison. Participating in this survey will help the UPA in getting a global perspective on the current job market, breakout of usability specialties , and an understanding of compensation levels across various expertise levels.

To advance your career – The relatively small scale, yet broad scope of proficiencies has always made it difficult to ensure fair compensation levels in the usability industry. It is important to have access to how your compensation and benefits compare to others with your responsibilities in similar geographic areas.

To receive data, you have to give data – As professionals in the usability industry, we can all certainly attest to the value of having reliable data. By submitting your information, you are ensuring this survey represents an accurate and complete picture of all usability professionals.

The more who take part, the better – The survey is open to UPA members and non-members alike. Since you will be contributing to one of the biggest surveys of its kind, the more responses the better!

Participation is easy, convenient, and confidential – Your answers are added to others’ to give us a portrait of our industry. The questionnaire is anonymous, and collects no personally identifying information.

And finally, it only takes 5 minutes!

Take the survey!