Serenity the Movie


Take me out, to the black, tell ’em I aint comin’ back.
I don’t care, I’m still free. You can’t take the sky from me.

Seriously, right now I am literally making Homer noises of yummy-yummy, sweet, food lust (except this is about a movie).

Serenity is the movie based on the short-lived Fox (Fox sucks) series, Firefly. Not just because my Amazon ID is in that link, but because it is really good: go buy Firefly. Right now.

Firefly was not just a good sci-fi show. It wasn’t just “good TV.” It was good story telling. Good acting. Special effects that didn’t try to overtake a scene. While I have never heard this said, Firefly seems to me what Star Trek was conceptualized as. Only, in the case of Firefly, Joss Whedon creates a world that really could exist based on the way our world is heading now. Star Trek tended to utopianize it’s universe (even somewhat in Deep Space 9). Firefly presents a distopian ‘verse which makes it all the more easy to identify with.

Serenity comes out September 30, 2005. Check out the trailer. There’s more info on the site to give you an idea of what the movie will be about. Wonderfully there is a Serenity blog; sadly it hasn’t been updated since last September. But since I am a geek, I was happy to see posts by Joss Whedon (writer/creator) and Nathan Fillion (actor/second fiddle in Claire’s mind to Alan Tudyk). There is an active blog which I just found.

Unlike Colin, I didn’t wet myself waiting to see Star Wars III, or VI (whatev). However, I may get slightly-too-excited on September 30. The movie is distributed by Universal, so hopefully they saw how Fox fucked-up Firefly and let Joss go where he needed with the story. On September 31 (often mislabeled as October 01), I will write what I think about the movie. Good or bad. I suspect a bit of both, but I will hope for all good nonetheless.

Not that I am on a first-name basis with the actors, but I’d like to say good luck Nathan, Gina (Homer noises again), Alan (Homer noises from Claire), Morena (Homer noises), Adam, Jewel (Homer noises), Sean, Summer (Homer noises), and Ron. Good luck to Joss. Good luck to everyone involved from series to movie. Firefly is so obviously a labour of love. Here’s hoping that hard work will continue to surprise fans, and win over new ones as well.