Bon soir, mes amis.

I’ve been here for only a few hours, but already all those years taking French are paying off! I still can’t be conversational, but I can read the signs. I know that tirez means pull, not push. I know that ouvert means open, and I know that Super Sexe means, uh… super sex. k…

And who doesn’t love watching Speed 2 en français?

Actually, with the exception of being dehydrated from traveling and getting hardly any sleep over the past 24 hours, things are going pretty well. I found a decent vegetarian restaurant called Commensal. I took 650mg of Tylenol (Canadians don’t mess around with puny 200mg Tylenol.) And lots and lots of water.

So I am at the Fairmont La Reine Elizabeth, room 761. If you are here, leave a message on my room phone. I can use my cell, but I am “roaming” so the charges are killing me. ;)

I learned a good lesson at SXSW and now have my wireless router set up in the room. Now I can sit 7 feet away from the ethernet cable instead of right next to it.

Uh, Cartoon Network in French? Qu’est-ce que huh?

Headache is almost gone. Must sleep soon and remember I am in the eastern time zone.

Oh, and Bonne St-John Baptiste!


  1. hhmmm… so if i’m in room 864, can i connect to your wireless hub?

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