The Clisters

Say you want to create a space where all the so-called C-List bloggers could write about their experiences dealing with those on the higher echelons… Where would you do it?

Byron hits us up with his idea of how this might play out and suggests a place to do it.

The Clisters.

I think it’s a great idea. Why not. Not that I could write for it since I am on the U-List, but our close, personal friend and business partner Paul could do it.

Now if we could just figure out who runs the site, and get them to allow all clisters access to post… that would be so, well, alist-like. Okay, so maybe not a good idea. :)

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  1. Be sure to add Pug Blog to the c-list. It’ got a whopping pug page rank of 0! In dog terms, that’s a 7.

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