Bridging Internal Cultures

Talk given by: Larry Marine of Intuitive Design Group (which they have apparently trademarked the phrase, “Thinking Outside the Box?” (Check the title bar.)

Rough notes…

Identify key business objectives
Look for a market that fits the objectives
Innovate the product to fit the market

“It’s not necessarily about changing what your company does, but changing when they do it.”

He asks,

what business goals must be achieved?
what are the marketing objectives to support the goals?
Who is the target market domain?
What are their biggest problems?
How feasible is it to solve their problems?

To start, get an idea of what problems exist:
focus on ID key tasks
get more details later

priority matrix

Priority matrix is a roll out plan, not a “we’re only ever doing this.”

If you don’t know the domain, how do you do these exercises quickly? – Take a customer rep with you. They do strictly observation, but follow up with user interviews.

How do you deal with the rogue exec? If the execs don’t buy into their (Intuitive Design) process, they leave. Otherwise they cannot do their work. “You have to pick your clients carefully.”

“Fittest to market wins all the time over first to market.”

Benefits of the matrix: gets buy-in. Tells you what to focus on now and what to plan on in the future. Addresses scope creep. Depersonalizes ideas and the ownership of ideas.