Alone Time

So I’ve got the house to myself (if you exclude that damn loud cat) for the next 20 days or so.

While I can, of course, do lots of chores and get lots of stuff done… that concept hasn’t really taken hold so far. I’ve been watching movies, chatting on IM with really boring people, hanging out at the cafe, and spending entirely too much time wandering around the house avoiding chores.

Which is really a good thing.

While I do go back to work tomorrow, and I’ve only been back from the conference for 4 days, doing nothing has felt really good. I need to do that now and again. Spend time just relaxing. It’s not a big deal that I haven’t put away the laundry yet, at least it’s clean.

The down side is that I now have 20 or so days with the house to myself. It did take 3 whole days for me to start talking out loud to myself, which must be a record. So here’s to doing nothing for a bit.

And here’s also to not ending up in a fetal position on the living room floor, drool pooling on the floor under my face, lack of food and more importantly movement leading to a slow degradation of my muscles, the cat bursting my eardrums with cries for food and water, the garden dying, the mail piling up, bad TV shows going unwatched, dayjob people actually wondering where I am, and actually getting that damn office cleaned up once and for all.

The Beginning.