Journal of Usability Studies

The Usability Professionals’ Association will launch a peer-reviewed journal focusing on usability in September.

It will be online, which is nice. Save on paper and mailing costs. Looking at the Advisory and Editorial board members, I realize that I will never get anything published; those cats are just too cool for me. Bob Bailey would take one look at my name and say, “Right, into the trash with him. He causes trouble in class.”

What are they looking for you ask?

  • empirical findings of usability studies (but not the full usability reports)
  • comparative studies between usability methods, approaches, methods, and techniques for planning and conducting usability tests
  • newly defined and tested usability metrics
  • data analysis approaches
  • academic research that has strong practical and applicable implications to design and testing
  • critical or thought/discussion papers challenging and questioning practices and proposing innovative ideas and approaches
  • reporting the design and implementation of teaching or training approaches
  • descriptions and discussions of automated, computerized tools for usability data collection and testing
  • the empirical development and implementation of usability standards and guidelines.

So get on it and email your paper to them.