— 11 July 2005 —

Amazon Bookmarking Service Issues

Amazon has this neat bookmarking feature. You may have heard of it… it’s called Wishlist. It’s a way for people to bookmark pages within the Amazon site so it is easier to find the products they want to buy for themselves.

Because of some “interface issues” last night, I now have 68 fewer bookmarks.

The reason this all started is because Amazon has a Tenth Anniversary Wishlist offer. Create a new wishlist and you are automatically entered into the contest. I don’t really have a need for more than one wishlist, but I also love not winning contests. So I decided to move all my DVDs to a new list.

How should I go about doing that? Golly, let’s look. Perhaps I should click on the fortunately placed and well-named-for-the-task link entitled, “Move items to another list.” Okay, I will.


So I get the next view, allowing me to “move” or “copy” selected items. Now, when I did this, everything was available to me except the drop-down where DVD now displays. DVD was not a choice when I first did this. There was no choice. But I could still choose “move” or “copy” and since I wanted to move items, I sorted the list to display only DVDs, selected them all (one by one I might add as there is no “select all” option).


Then I clicked the Go button. And I got the following message, “The items have been added to your list.” [This example shows the list count going from 47 to 46. Originally it went from 115 to 47. I just had to do it like this to get the screen shots.]


Cool. Except, it wasn’t cool. I couldn’t find where my items went. And my wishlist was now light 68 items. No clue where they are. So I figured I needed to create a wishlist and maybe my items would be on it. Nope. I now have a wishlist entitled DVD, but it has nothing on it. And the whole point of bookmarking items is so I don’t have to remember what I wanted; I just look at the list.

In the end, this whole idea of multiple wishlists under the same account befuddles me. What’s the point? If I want to see a different view of my stuff, the functionality already present will do that for me.

But the other realization I came to recently is that I can go to a Best Buy store and get essentially the same price for DVDs that I can get on Amazon. Sure, I have to pay tax, but I can get it right away. Right now I don’t feel like building my DVD list on Amazon again.

All this could have been fixed if one of two things happened:

  1. Don’t allow me to move or even copy items to a new list without having to first make a new list.
  2. Systematically realize I don’t have a list for which to move items, hold the selected items in a queue while I make my list, then populate the newly created list with the selected items.

Obviously I would prefer the second option. It seems like this would have been easy to see during testing, if they did testing. And if one of those two options were supposed to happen, well I missed out on that important functionality.

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