Flickr Pro Account Giveaway

There may be many such posts like this over the next 24 hours, but this is mine.

I have one Pro-level Flickr account to get rid of and haven’t found anyone to give it to. Either the people I know already have accounts, or they shun computers altogether.

So… since this is a little more valuable than a Gmail account… I figure I should make you work for it. But then again, there isn’t much time left before I lose the option to give the Pro account away… What to do, what to do…

How about, whoever can come up with the best contest to give away a Flickr Pro account will win the Flickr Pro account. Yeah. Very original.

Contest ends some time tomorrow. Whenever I feel like it. But obviously tomorrow, because on Saturday the account goes away.

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  1. If I had a FlickrPro account to give away and I wanted to create a contest for giving it away, I’d ask people to post something to their photostream with the tags “contest” and “pro” – and then I’d look at all the pictures and see which was the “best” – criteria to be determined on the fly, with the constraint that the image itself had to say something about contest and pro, not just simply be tagged with that.

    That’s a pretty hard challenge, though, and I am glad I don’t have to participate in one like that, because I have no idea how I’d do it.

    I would like a Flickr Pro account, though :)

  2. I’d make a contest that made people do jumping jacks while eating apple jacks and playing ‘You don’t know Jack’ and then videotape it and send it in. The best one gets laughed at and of course wins.

  3. Actually, I have a few different ideas so I’ll run them all by you. Another effective contest is to limit the range of people who can win to just those involved in non-profit work. This makes sense since those kinds of organizations are typically the least able to spend money on things like Flickr. They usually opt for free accounts that don’t do as good a job as Flickr. So the contest would be to explain why your non-profit would make good use out of a Flickr account. I myself run the website of such a non-profit, but the goal here isn’t to win the hypothetical contest so I won’t explain.

    Another idea I have is to have a photo contest. But instead of a contest that judges the most skilled, creative, or aesthetically pleasing photo – have a contest where people submit photos of people whose faces have an expression of longing. Longing for what? Longing for a Flickr account of course! Then choose the most pitiful and desperate picture as the winner.

    Yet another idea I’m making up on the spot is a reverse-psychology contest. Whoever can pretend most convincingly that they _don’t_ want the account will get it in the end.

  4. Here’s what I’d do.

    I’d ask everyone to take a picture of themselves, photoshop themselves into a picture of them riding a donkey down into the Grand Canyon, and incorporate it into an .mov file where they would have to sing one of three songs (1. The Yahoo Jingle, 2. The Theme Song to the Greatest American Hero, or 3. Love American Style). Then, I’d tell them to take that file and print it out, hold it front of them while someone else took a picture of them while on a donkey, and turn that into one of those huge mosaic pictures that they did for the Teaser poster for The Truman Show.

    That should weed out the people who really don’t want a pro account, like MEEEEE.

  5. Isn’t one of the main advantages of a Flickr Pro account the ability to post more photos? What about a contest where folks have to somehow prove (by pointing to a directory or something) they’ve got the most photos to upload?

  6. Gonna go with Steve on this one.

    While I am a big fan helping out not-for-profits, jumping jacks, people who have photo-glut issues, I like the idea of using Flickr as a way to communicate.

    I think I like that it would be hard to do “pro” or “contest.” Such contextual words… it would be interesting to see what people did with it.

    Stay tuned for the next contest. Who knows what it will be, but there’s a great, anachronistic prize to give away… And it’s related to usability & design. Ooo…. thematics!

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