— 14 July 2005 —

Flickr Pro Account Giveaway

There may be many such posts like this over the next 24 hours, but this is mine.

I have one Pro-level Flickr account to get rid of and haven’t found anyone to give it to. Either the people I know already have accounts, or they shun computers altogether.

So… since this is a little more valuable than a Gmail account… I figure I should make you work for it. But then again, there isn’t much time left before I lose the option to give the Pro account away… What to do, what to do…

How about, whoever can come up with the best contest to give away a Flickr Pro account will win the Flickr Pro account. Yeah. Very original.

Contest ends some time tomorrow. Whenever I feel like it. But obviously tomorrow, because on Saturday the account goes away.

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