The $1000 Paper Weight

[update] It will be August 6, at the earliest, before I have a web connection at home. I could use the wifi at the cafe if my laptop was working. Customer service at Apple and Verzion (not Verizon Wireless as I have found them to always be helpful) sucks. I still can’t get Apple to talk to be like a human and while the person I talked with at Verzion was sympathetic, the processes she had to follow are what is getting in the way. Somehow they can’t just turn things back on.

So I have a new landline number and new DSL service coming “soon.” Honestly… I have the farging icehole equipment, just turn it on. In this day of all things digital, can it really be so hard? (Relatedly, why can’t we pay $1 per channel for cable and choose our channels?)

This is why having competition in a market is a good thing for consumers. If I could find a company that would treat me nicely (and not demand that I jump through odd hoops, thankyouverymuch Apple) and be able to do the work which is primarily electronic quickly… wow, what a world to live in.

And thanks to this snafu with the DSL, my email address won’t work. And anything I have received over the last 3 days is gone. The tech support people at Verzion didn’t even understand what I was asking, and didn’t try to either. All I want is to be connected back up with the same account. Is it really gone for good? I doubt it. They couldn’t tell me. All they could do was say I could set up that email address as an alias, but I may have to wait 30-60 days before it becomes available.

Seriously, the days of waiting 30-60 days for anything service-related should have long been gone by now.

I should have just written a new post, this update turned into a rant. But I needed to vent. [/update]

I give to you, a challenge: Unplug your modem from your computer and see how much you can get done in a day.


Just wanted to let you know that I have no email access until my DSL connection is reestablished, or until I set up with a cable modem.

My challenge stems from looking at the computer with no web connection and thinking, “Now, what do I use this for?” Makes me truly wonder why I need all those extra programs and 80gigs of space when 90% of what I use it for requires a modem.

I know it is more then a paper weight, but not much more. And if my dang laptop was working, I could siphon off one of the many open wireless signals in my neighborhood. ;) But that won’t be fixed for a week at least.

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  1. When the Internet goes out it is almost as bad as the power going out. For me, I can run my own services to test things locally. But for someone who just consumes data online, I guess an Internet connection is rather imperative.

    I feel for ya.

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