A Problem and Opportunity for Apple

I spent 47 minutes on the phone yesterday with a customer service rep from Apple. At least 25 of those minutes was on hold. Listening to a single piece of crap music. Over and over and over and over…

While the good news is I finally got Apple to listen to me for a moment and start the process of fixing my laptop, the bad news is that I am now insane and can only hum this one tune. Tune. That’s a good word. Good segue.

Hey Apple, how about this… If your customers are waiting so damn long on the phone to get actual help from you (I spent about 3 hours on the phone with you this week), why not turn this problem into an opportunity and hawk iTunes while I am waiting. Run the “iTunes Radio Network” on the phone. Let me listen to the song of the week. Promo me about how easy iTunes is to use. Tell me about the affiliate program. Let me listen to the top 10 or 20 downloaded songs of the day (clean versions of course).

Even if you are trying to sell me something while I wait, it is far better than being subjected to the mind-numbing electronica that would make Kraftwerk apologise to me out of the sheer abuse to the genre.

As far as my web access situation goes…

Verizon still sucks. I realised today that there is a web interface to my Verizon email. I had forgot about it since I never use it. I was able to log in under my “old” account ID and password. So much for my account being wiped out. Verizon lies. Well, more probably one area of Verizon doesn’t speak at all to the other area. I bet the have 15 different customer databases, none of which talk to each other.

Apple sucks less now that they are helping me, but I would still describe the voice aspect of my phone experiences as “surly.” It will be up to 15 days before I get my laptop back (once I am able to send it which better be today dammit). When I had the last rep on the phone, I should have said, “Do you know what a blog is? I am currently using the web to tarnish your company’s reputation. I know you don’t care, but I do. It’s important to me. You know… the paying customer?”

Doh. It just gets worse and worse.

For those arriving from MacSurfer, the rest of the story is here and here.

4 replies on “A Problem and Opportunity for Apple”

  1. I just bought a new laptop, and for two reasons i did not go with Apple.

    A.) There customer support just sucks, i know that from experience from my iPod.

    B.) And they have sirious cooling issues with the ibook.

    You can argue with me on B but number A is a deffinent yes.

    Hopefully in two years when i buy another laptop these issues will be solved, or i will just go to a windows based machine.

  2. Verizon offices *don’t* talk to each other. An example:

    A few years back the local university had a deal with Verizon set up so that people off campus could get ADSL. At the time, it was the only way (for students, faculty, and staff) to get ADSL access without paying an arm and a leg. When a person cancelled their phone account, the ADSL account would keep going. You had to call two separate Verizon offices and cancel two separate accounts (and yet you recieved one statement for your monthly bill). Whenever a phone line was cancelled Verizon never told (internet provider) Verizon about it, much to the latter’s irritation as they had to deal with angry customers screaming at them about a bill they recieved for a line that shouldn’t even exist.

  3. Yeah, well, I have had Verizon DSL for a little more than a year now and since the beginning I have had issues with their web-based email access. When I try to read emails, etc., I keep getting booted back to the sign-in page. Frustrating, but even more so after I have spent time (but not enough to time out of the system) composing a thoughtful email only to click “send” and watch it disappear forever as I am re-routed to the very beginning. Argh!!!

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