Blog Business Summit 05.2

Well, in just a little over a week the B-logs crew will be in San Francisco for the Blog Business Summit. We’re really looking forward to the sessions and of course meeting all the people. Networking I think it’s called.

We are also looking forward to being within walking distance of the offices of Six Apart, Adaptive Path, and that place where Annie Valdes works… something called IDEO or something.

On the agenda

Paul will shake things up talking about how to build a successful network. Chances are he will be highlighting 9rules, but that’s just a guess.

I will be talking again about Corporate Blogging Strategy and Policy. Basically I plan to pick up where I left off at the last Summit since I was only able to get through about half of my material. These odd people, called audience members, kept asking good questions. Much like designers, they totally slow things down.

All of us will be looking to get into some trouble, especially if Will Pate joins us. If SXSW taught us anything is that the party is always where Will is. And the fact that he still owes me $20 (Canadian, so it’s no big).

Venturing to the aforementioned offices and asking where our desks are. Lock your door, Anil. ;)


So go register for the summit. Right now. Meet up with us. Have fun. Learn something new. In that order.

If you are going, let us know in the comments. If you aren’t going, but plan on being in San Francisco for the sole purpose of buying Scrivs a drink, let us know that too.


  1. I will be heading up to the Big BBS. I’m looking forward to the shenanigans, Molly, and the whole blog shebang. Will there be any wordpress gurus to help us tighten up our sites?

  2. Word, holmes, word . . . Pate will be in da house, blogging the whole thing for us. SA crew in da house, and we expect more crews to roll on in. I’d like to see you rap battle with Stowe. I think you’d take him out.

  3. Ted: … Will there be any wordpress gurus to help us tighten up our sites?

    Matt, didn’t you take a course on WordPress in college or something.

    Can we stop by CNET too? We promise to leave all staplers where we find them.

  4. I just got back from the Tara Reid School of Partying, so we’ll show up to offices with tequila bottles in hand. Kidding! Why do I get the feeling there is some sort of conference intervention coming my way?

    DL speaks the truth. I will be dropping some mad blogology for the conference. Word!

    20 bucks Canadian? I’ve got an American dollar bill you can have, I think it’s works out to be about that much. ;-)

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