The Chef in Me is Happy

What am I doing right now? Baking garlic.

I have my laptop back safe and sound, and am enjoying the wireless connection all the way into the kitchen. I am surrounded by flour, molasses, cream cheese, spinach, hummus…

See, by day I design web apps. By night I do whatever is needed to make Business Logs and 9rules more successful. Somewhere in between I try to be a good dad. But part of my past is being called upon right now.

A few weeks ago, the guy I sit next to at dayjob turn around and said, “Are you going to be at my next gig?” (He’s a musician.) “My wife wants to talk to you.” Oh, I responded.

A week ago I happened to be at his gig. His wife walked up and basically started in mid-thought, “So I was thinking we could do an appetizer and a dessert.” Huh? Turns out there was some missing information that I was supposed to receive soon after the original gig question. Apparently I agreed to cater a birthday party for someone with 87 candles on her cake. Except I didn’t.

But by the end of the conversation, some how I had agreed to making 2 appetizers and 2 desserts for 20 people. Plus I gave her a couple of ideas for drinks and a great idea for how to handle candles. No candles on a cake. Take some floating candles, put them in a big bowl with water, put flower petals and flowers all around so they float too, then light the candles and have her blow those out. Nice.

It is a tea, so I am making small sandwiches and a couple of cakes. I was going to do some mini desserts, but the kitchen is somewhat in shambles as we are painting and in the process of getting new appliances. So I need to keep it somewhat simple.

For the sandwiches I am making one with mainly cucumber, and eggplant paté. The other will be a roaster red pepper hummus, topped with fresh spinach leaves. All sandwiches will be on a variety of bread; pumpernickel, rye, and whole wheat. They will be tea-sized and should turn out well.

For dessert I am doing a dry cake and a moist cake. The dry cake is a Lemon/Molasses Marble Bundt cake, with simple powdered sugar dusting. The moist cake is a Spicy Ginger cake with a Lemon Curd. Both cakes go well with coffee and tea.

This isn’t as elaborate as I would do, wow, about 10 years ago, but it is a lot of fun. There’s nothing like making food for people. Giving them healthy, satisfying food… So if you are ever here in town, stop by and I will make sure you are well fed. That is, if I know you already. Otherwise you can just stand on the porch. :)

2 replies on “The Chef in Me is Happy”

  1. Mmmmmmmmmm, garlic.

    Garlic is my weakness. I love everything about it.

    In fact, my most recent weakness is a garlic parmesan cheese pasta sauce.

    Good stuff, in fact, I will be doing a writeup on LifeHut on how to make a quick and dirty garlic parmesan cheese sauce.


  2. Yeah, I love garlic too. Goes great with a nice, strong cup of coffee.

    As to the catering event… does it mean you did a good job when your client starts crying happy tears? Oh yes it does.

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