— 15 August 2005 —

San Francisco – Blog Business Summit

I’ll be speaking in front of a live studio audience in four days.

So between tomorrow morning and then I will need to find things to do.

I need to find a very good, custom tattoo shop. And by good I mean talented, clean, and professional.

I need to find where the good coffee is within lurching distance of the Palace Hotel. And by good coffee I mean not Starbucks. I mean coffee that is made with a portafilter by people who know how to make excellent crema.

I need to experience some good spoken wordiness. And by good I mean not crazy-ass hobos. I’ve lived that life already. Are there any beats still around? New beats?

I need to buy cufflinks. And buy cufflinks I mean purchace.

I haven’t been to San Francisco in 20 years. I don’t recall much. Does the Double Rainbow Ice Cream Shop still exist? As usual I am not looking forward to the flying. But I am looking forward to being there, so I guess I gotta do it.

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