I Changed My Header Image

I am not a good designer.

Well, I am a good designer actually. I just have tool issues. SHould I be telling you about my tool issues? Well this is a blog and I am in my pajamas. Baby.

Suffice to say, the ideas in my head are good ones. Mike Rundle said so. It’s just that when I put cursor to canvas the vision becomes garbled. What I finally realised is that I am a better writer than I am designer. I know, hard to believe someone can be that good.

So… new header image. Isn’t it sweet. It completely grasps my vision and communicates it well. It is me.


  1. For your header I suggest a picture of a cute fluffy kitten, kitten pictures always go down well.

  2. :)

    your header made me spill the milk through my nose.

    I’m connected with the cheapest dialup to ever exists, so I did actually see the unformatted text for 1 minute and then the css loading…. which is normal for my dialup and i’m used to it.

    waited like another 3 minutes to see the header image lol!

    very good header :)

  3. We want a post, we want a post!!

    Okay, you changed your header, now change your post. ;)

    Let the sherpa be heard!

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