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  1. 11/29/05
    A little late in the comments dept.!
    It’s in the blood! Great-great-Grandfather Charles Gillman architect and builder; Great-grandfather John Gillman buider; first cousin twice removed Nicole Cannon architect and first cousin Phillip Idone builder!
    Not to mention all the artist type cousins. Dola the aunt not included.

  2. I was websurfing to see if my mother’s cousin, Phillip Idone, had any of his sculptures photographed online when I came across this page. My grandmother was Frances Ireland, born Gillman. My mother grew up in East Northport and father in Greenlawn. Just wondering who ‘dola the aunt’ is…the link takes me to the library? Funny, because I am a library tech in Southern Illinois. My mother’s Uncle John Gillman who was in charge of the Army Depot in Granite City during WWII.

    Like I said, just curious!

    lisa krusa-mclaren – mclarenclan@charter.net

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