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— 3 September 2005 —

Ver iz on

I don’t want to type the name of their company, so you get Ver iz on.

Do me a favour: call 309.827.8299. Not to worry; it’s a disconnected number. In fact it was never activated. Yet for some reason, I just received a bill for $97.54.

This is the third time. Twice before I had to call them and explain how I don’t owe them money for service I don’t receive.

And now I will have to call again. But I have to wait until Tuesday.

Different departments at Ver iz on do not talk to each other. I got that admission out of every person I ever talked with there. So when I tell one person, there seems to be no guarantee that the message will get through to the right people.

Ver iz on… You owe me money for my time. Debit my wireless bill. No you can’t do that because of reasons mentioned in the previous paragraph. Just send me a check. $200 will be fine. Oh yes, I am serious. I know you won’t send it, but since I seem to be continually called upon to help you run your company, I think it is the least you can do.

The plus side of all this, if by plus I mean not so much which is the case, is that I will have to use mobile minutes to take care of this. Yep, call the wire-less portion of the company, no charge. Call the land line portion, charge. Hooray!

Some day there really will be a large company that provides good customer service. Want one now? Ask me how!

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