Too soon! Too soon!

“Daddy. Brady is going to drive me in his little car that has batteries and it goes really, really fast.”


“Yeah, and he is going to take me to the movie theatre and we are going to see a movie. We are going to have air popcorn with real butter and we’ll watch the movie.”


“And we are going to go tonight.”

Claire asks — How are you going to get there?

“In Brady’s car. He’s going to take me. And we are going to sneak out at night.”

I am shaking my head at this point.

Claire says — It’s going to be hard for you to get out at night because we can hear you on the stairs.

“I am going to climb out of my window. He is going to bring a ladder and a rope and tie the rope to my bed and my sleeping bag and that’s how we are going to go.”

Seriously. Too soon!

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  1. Ms. Sagan, you are just the cutiest little girl in the world. I can’t wait to make you a soy hot chocolate with mud on top!

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