North to Alaska

In 10 days Sagan and I will hit the road to Anchorage, Alaska.

ord to anc

Primarily this trip is to have Sagan visit with my parents. My dad saw her over the summer when she was in Oregon with Claire, but my mom hasn’t seen Sagan for over 3 years.

It is interesting to see how my brain works this through. All the logistics stalk my brain like giant stalking things. Truth is, everything will be fine. Just keep repeating that. And breathing. Breathing is so in this fall. This will be the first time that it is just me and Sagan traveling together.

It is also interesting to think about all the places I want to take Sagan. Most of them have nostalgic meaning for me, which means they will completely bore her. Add to that the fact that she is 4 and a half, and you’ve got a recipe for, “Can we go yet?”

So I think I will concentrate on the more outdoorsy things. Take her south of Anchorage a bit, probably no further than Portage. North to Palmer; hopefully the Vagabond Blues Cafe is still in business. Maybe I will see Melanie. Maybe to the zoo.

I think the main thing to keep in mind is to not plan anything. This is really a trip about Sagan, so I think I will let her drive a lot of the itinerary. Drive it in the sense that if she is tired, we aint climbing Flatop.

Some of the things I will drag her to: Steller, Kaladi, L’aroma, APU, Kincaid Park, The Coastal Trail, maybe a round of frisbee golf by the Lagoon, and maybe even Cafe del Mundo since I got a nice card from Perry when I ordered coffee recently.

Plenty of time to figure it out. Plus, after 7 years away, it’s somewhat difficult to recall all the things I used to do there. And I have no idea who I know that lives there anymore, with the exception of 2 people (not my parents ;).