UI10 – Tin or Aluminum?

I’ll be in Boston Cambridge next week (starting Sunday) for the 10-year-old User Interface Engineering conference. I am looking forward to it a lot. This is somewhat a trip to review the conference as well. I’ve not been to it before, but I need to find some more conferences that do a decent job of merging research and practice.

CHI and HFES are often too researchy (though CHI does seem to be shifting to add some practical things as well, don’t expect that from HFES). UPA still is very practitioner-oriented, but often errs on the side of, “So… you just learned what usability is.” I still very much like UPA, don’t get me wrong. I think I need to start speaking there though in order to get more out of it.

DUX, AWF (which I will be at as well), and Market Research look promising. I’ll miss out on DUX and Market Research though. I went to AWF last year and it was the perfect blend of research and practice. Perfect for only being 1.5 days long anyway.

My UIE Agenda

Monday, October 10, Full-day Seminar:
Deconstructing Web Applications: Learning from the Best Designs

Tuesday, October 11, Featured Talks:
General Presntations

Wednesday, October 12, Full-day Seminar:
Information Architecture Made Simple

Thursday, October 13, UIE Showcase Seminar:
Web Site Usability 2005: The Big Picture

I return home Friday evening. Hopefully while I am there I can find some time to visit my friend Frank and his new son Sky. And I also owe Molly a drink. One of the things we had to give up to get her into 9rules. Alas.

Anyone else going to the conference? We could have a little meet up and all buy drinks for Molly. :)