Serenity Still Flying

We went to see Serenity again last night.

It was better.

Don’t pay attention to box office totals. It is true that there aren’t a lot of people going to this movie. It’s also true that a lot of typical reviewing publications haven’t yet reviewed the movie (if they even plan to do so).

However, those that have offered their thoughts of the movie, by a large margin, are giving it Bs, As, thumbs up, 3 stars…

Go see it. If I had enough money I’d offer to reimburse your ticket price if you don’t like the movie. I offered that option to some of the people I sit near at dayjob.

So far none of them have asked for a reimbursement.

Watch the first 9 minutes of the film.

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  1. Saw it last night and was duly impressed. They made some very intelligent decisions about how to incorprate the characters and plots of the series into a film. I found most of the dialog to be a little corny, but was constantly amazed at how well the cast pulled it off.

    Thanks for the IFILM link, by the way!

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