UI10 – It’s All About the Tote

Here’s how it works.

When you walk up to the registration desk/table and get your extremely heavy bag of swag, do one thing first: take all the stuff out of the bag and examine the bag itself.

Is it well made? Does it feel solid? Does it have a clasp to keep it relatively closed? How is the printing of the logo? Take a long look. We have a running theory: You can tell how good a conference is going to be based on the bag they give you.

Sure the notebook with the Made in Taiwan sticker is nice. The session materials are helpful too. But what sets apart a good conference from a great conference is the choice of vessel for this great swag. Do the conference organizers care enough about the material and you to give you a strong bag to carry around all the crap?

That’s the fundamental question you should ask at every conference.

The tote I received here at UIE10 is a fine quality canvas bag. Which means I expect big things from out of the next 4 days… ;)

Some pictures have found their way online already. I’ll try to keep that going through the week. Flickr tag: UI10.


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