UI10 – Web Site Usability 2005 – Part le Deux

Joshua Porter is talking now (after lunch part of the talk). Talking about housingmaps.com.

He just asked the audience what Web 2.0 means to them. One person answered: “creating mashups of small apps for a greater user experience.” And we’re off!

He’s showing off del.icio.us, and google maps… etc. Kinda a snooze fest, but I get the impression, from a “raise your hands” question that many people in the audience just don’t know about all this.

So far just looking at “web 2.0” apps. Flickr. Àndale.

New Questions to Ask

Who is in control of your content?

What info, accessible through an API, can you remix with other info to provide a better experience?

How can you create an architecture of participation from your users?

How can you model your user’s authority?

He thinks the main themes of Web 2.0 are:

Information remixing
Architecture of participation
Social networking
All about the Interfaces (noticeably dropping “user”)

As a general comment I agree with some of the things that Web 2.0 is not.