Redesign Time

I will be changing the presentation layer of this site over the next few days.

Undoubtedly I will mess something up and undoubtedly there will be times when gentle readers with unspoiled eyes will suddenly find themselves viewing such CSS horror as they wouldn’t wish on their enemies. Or they may see nothing at all.

Often my mistakes revolve around a missing quote mark, semi-colon, or > < which somehow wonks the entire site. So, my apologies for the coming mess, interim though it will be.

And as to a hint for the theme: 漫画

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2 Responses to “Redesign Time”

  1. Jeff Says:

    since it it so close, you should hold off (and sign up) for the css reboot.

  2. Matthew Oliphant Says:

    Okay, much less a hint and more a decent idea of what it will look like.

    As for the reboot: lemmingitis. I march to my own drum. ;)

    Plus, the way my free time looks over the next few days it may just coincide with Nov 1st anyway. :)