Design Management Institute Blog

[Update] I just realised there is no RSS feed. That is somewhat lame. While I often visit a site to read the content, I do so only because Bloglines tells me there is something new to read.

I received an email today with an annoucenment that the Design Management Institute (DMI) has a new blog.

Welcome to the new DMI Innovation Blog, a place for online discussion and learning around the role of innovation in today’s business environment. Topics for discussion will be posted on a weekly basis until the International Summit takes place at the end of November. The blog will feature weekly guest appearances by Summit speakers, and will be edited by Thomas Walton, editor of the DMI Review. We welcome your participation and involvement!

Only two posts so far, but 13 comments altogether. I could have done with an easier to remember URL, but beyond that it is good to see DMI offering some direct connection with its web site visitors.

About DMI (from their site): “The Design Management Institute (DMI) is an international nonprofit organization that seeks to heighten awareness of design as an essential part of business strategy. Founded in 1975, DMI has become the leading resource and international authority on design management.”