Redeux With a Sigh

Well, much of the site is working under the new design. Though as of right now I can only guarantee the home page in Safari. :) The kinks will take me a few days to iron out. I checked in in Firefox and even Flock (which looked the same as FF), and it looks mostly okay.

The real problem is that, as I attempt to publish the archives, Typepad gives me an error:

Typepad generic error

An error which tells me nothing as to why I can’t publish my archives. It allows me to open a help ticket though. So now Six Apart has to pay money to get someone to help me with this. It seems that if the system knows there is an error, there must be a good chance that the error can be identified and displayed.

Even though I am not the most technical of people, having an idea of what the error is might help me fix it on my own. Which I would be happy to try. But now I have to wait. Man, if I have to wait much longer I am going to get my own server and install Movable Type. That’ll show em.

Okay, I am joking about that. But I really do wish having a pro account meant having access much like I would have with a MT install…