Off to Chicago and Another Conference

I am heading up to Chicago tomorrow morning for About, With and For, a conference put on by the Illinois Institute of Technology, Institute of Design. IITID. CDEDBDIs?

I went to this conference last year and had a great time. This time might be better because the theme is Work|Play.

People work. People play. Are they independent aspects of life or can play facilitate work? The 2005 AWF conference will explore how products and services, arrived at through user-centered design research, can aid in making work more productive, profitable and fun.

Plus, someone from Lego will be speaking! Seriously. Learn about the latest in Design Research and play with Legos and meet the winner of one of my goofy contests? I promise I won’t heckle you, Steve.

I’ll be staying through Sunday at the Wyndham Chicago, which is a short way from Navy Pier the location of the conference. While I have been to Chicago a few times, I am not sure what all is around the hotel. Especially for food. So that will be fun trying to find a vegetarian place.

I will be writing about each session I attend. Not sure if I will do it live though. I am always torn; if I blog it live I capture more things, but listen less. If I wait til later, I get more out of it but less makes it to these pages. We’ll see. I am also starting to feel, with the rise in the white noise of clacking keys, that it is somewhat rude to be looking at a screen instead of the real-live-person talking in front of me.

Anyone out there planning to attend this conference? Or have any advice on places to eat? Or just want to give me money? Thought I would throw that in just in case. :)

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  1. I was going to write that hey, I’m here in Chicago (Hyatt on E. Wacker), but I see that I’m already getting props from you in this post. Ran into another presenter on the plane from SF. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow and having a stimulating few days of socializing and networking and presentations and all that!

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