DMI – Empowered Innovation Summit

I think the About, With and For conference hit a chord. The Design Management Institute is offering a summit in Boston at the end of November on Empowered Innovation: The Future = Play, Experimentation, Collaboration, Innovative Thinking.

This Summit will bring together the best and the brightest minds to examine the scope and depth of empowered innovation in the creation of innovative products and services. It will examine the role of purpose, context, and process in successfully taking new ideas from inception to realization for maximum benefit to business and society.

Looks like a good line up of speakers. Wish I could go, but it is a little out of my price range. Unless someone wants to comp me, buy me a plane ticket, and let me stay for free close to the event site… ?

Also, some unknown place called Core77 is a media sponsor. Never heard of them. Okay, okay… I am just miffed that they haven’t sent me any traffic in the last hour. ;)


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