Xbox Lives! – Buy it Now!

I got a box in the mail the other day. I still get quite excited when I see a box on the porch. I always hope it’s for me and not for that kid who lives with me. This time I was well rewarded; it was for me.

Well… not for me exactly. For my Xbox.

Xbox protection cord

The problem is, I don’t have an Xbox.

I had one about 3 years ago. Actually I had two. The first one died. I tried to send it back to Microsoft, but the warranty expired by one day by the time I was able to talk to a human. So I did what any self-respecting customer would do: Call the Better Business Bureau of Washington State. Two days later I received a box from Microsoft to send the Xbox in for repair/replacement.

My newly fixed Xbox arrived about 5 days later. It lasted for about 6 months before it died again. But I’d had enough of the crap machine. So I sold it and all the games on eBay. I recouped all but $60 that I had spent on everything. So for a year it was like renting it all for $5 a month. Not too bad.

But like I said that was 3 years ago.

I heard about the cord replacement program a while ago, and read about others who feared spontaneous combustion like any sane person would.

I didn’t call; no need. But given the description of some of the related problems I probably could have qualified. I have no clue why they sent me a replacement cord for an Xbox that was well out of warranty when I didn’t even ask for one.

That was the whole point of the program — you had to call the 800 number and request a cord.

So now I have a Genuine Xbox Super-Powering Power Cord © ™ ®. What does one do when one has a Genuine Xbox Super-Powering Power Cord © ™ ®?

Sell it on eBay!!!

Xbox cord on ebay

I am in desperate need of a new laptop, so I am hoping this auction pays big. Someone must be interested in spending $1000 on a mint-condition, NIB, action-packed* POWER cord, right? Tell your friends. Better yet, tell someone you hate! Please won’t you give? :)

*Packed action not guaranteed.

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