Diary of a Clister

Who doesn’t love lists?

For a while now, I was relatively happily not on many lists. But poking around Technorati and BlogPulse tonight I found something quite disturbing… and it isn’t the new blogs coming out of the Fine Fools Network

I am on the list. I am a clister. Technically a C-Lister, but I like the term clister better.

Through a series of links I ended up on Blogebrity and thought I would check to see if Paul, illustrious multi-blog-network leader was still on the blist, having moved up from the clist sometime back in August. Well he isn’t a blister, he is an alister.

And to top that off, Mike and Colin are now blisters. Okay, that didn’t come out how I intended.

Anyway, congrats to us all for holding up all three pillars of pink text on a black background!

5 replies on “Diary of a Clister”

  1. I’m just curious. What kind of daily traffic do you get? I’m asking mostly because I’m trying to determine the corrolation (actually the lack thereof) of “celebrity” and “popularity”.

  2. J Wynia: No correlation at all.

    Actually, traffic’s one measure. It’s currently a subjective list, like so many lists of “best video games” or “most powerful women in Hollywood.” Anyone can make a case to get someone moved up or down.

  3. I admit I love my traffic. All things being relative. It’s nice to be at 114 from 20 6 months ago. That is huge for me. It’s nothing compared to Whitespace or Phark.

    Sure I would love higher traffic, but I sorta picked a niche of a niche topic in usability. And I don’t regurgitate posts from other sites on a scale like so many other Alisters do. Not my style.

    I guess I would ask those who do read here: what do you want from this place? Is the current state fine? I am willing to modify things for an audience. As long as it isn’t too far out.

    I have thought about having other writers contribute here. Something like what John does with WebWord, but then I think, “Hey. That’s WebWord!”

    And just so you know Nick, I wasn’t dissing the linklove; Just shocked that I would make it on the list at all.

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