— 8 November 2005 —

Diary of a Clister

Who doesn’t love lists?

For a while now, I was relatively happily not on many lists. But poking around Technorati and BlogPulse tonight I found something quite disturbing… and it isn’t the new blogs coming out of the Fine Fools Network

I am on the list. I am a clister. Technically a C-Lister, but I like the term clister better.

Through a series of links I ended up on Blogebrity and thought I would check to see if Paul, illustrious multi-blog-network leader was still on the blist, having moved up from the clist sometime back in August. Well he isn’t a blister, he is an alister.

And to top that off, Mike and Colin are now blisters. Okay, that didn’t come out how I intended.

Anyway, congrats to us all for holding up all three pillars of pink text on a black background!

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