— 11 November 2005 —

Woo Me and Do It Right

I just received an email about a job opportunity.

Let me be clear: I would love to be wooed by a cool company. I really am interested in hearing about new opportunities. But honestly (and to be blunt if you don’t want to hire someone who is honest don’t hire me) woo me better than this:

Hello Begin

How are you today? For 18 years we have been placing insurance professionals throughout the US. I saw your resume posted on one of the career baords.

I currently have an extraordinary opportunity in the Greater Chicago area for an Assistant Rick [sic] Manager with a large established construction firm. This is primarily an inside position with little travel. Experience with large property and casualty complex accounts is preferred along with experience with construction risk management.

This is a career opportunity with a strong national firm.

If this is a fit or of interest to you, please forward your resume to me at [email deleted].

Or if you know of someone with this type of experience, please forward this email to them.


[name and contact data deleted]

“Excellence in Insurance Recruiting since 1987”

Now… My name is not Begin. My risk management experience is related to IT/Business risk, not insurance. This is obviously a mass email, but think about this:

The purpose of casting a wide net is to get a lot of fish. The intention being to have a lot of fish, not to throw all of the fish away except the best one. Finding the best fish actually takes some effort.

Respond Eloquently Below

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