Speaking of Usability Issues…

Colin is dissing me on his site today

Unfortunately I’m going to have to pick some examples, so I might as well pick a friend right? Matthew Oliphant is an expert of usability, yet his Flickr photostream is practically unusable across the board. Check out his tag for Mike Rundle. Four pages of results for that tag within his photostream, and I think I counted 5 or 6 of the photos actually have Mike in the photo. This is probably because he uploads photos in batches, and does not tag each photo individually.

I tried to comment:

I don’t tag them for you. I tag them for me. I care nothing about your tagging needs. This is not a usability issue.

There are so many other things wrong with Flickr from a usability perspective. Tag choice for pictures is the least problematic.

The thing is, if you don’t like my tagging method you can add a tag. The down side is that Flickr doesn’t allow you to type things like “-matthewstagsareunusabletome” in the search query.

And finally, WTF are you doing spending your time searching for pictures of Rundle?

But I kept getting this:

TUG Word Press Error

Talk about a usability issue.

2 replies on “Speaking of Usability Issues…”

  1. Niether of you are getting my point. What Mike is saying is NOT what my point was, at all. But that is okay.

    And, that wasn’t dissing you, it was merely using you as an example.

    Thank dreamhost for the lovely error. Most other sites were totally inaccessible. Perhaps just our SQL server (or service) went down.

    Oh, and since you never link to your images virtually they do not show up in your RSS feeds. Forcing me to come to this… nevermind.

    Thanks for commenting, even though you couldn’t.

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