I Got Yer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Right Here!

This is one of the reasons I love blogs…

Skeet surfing

I have written before (as have many others) about SEO via Blogs. And while I didn’t set out to get a lock on the Skeet Surfing market, looking through the referrer logs once in a while (okay, every five minutes) you can find some interesting ideas based on how people arrive at your site.

I randomly remarked about Skeet Surfing in a post about a recent conference last month. Now I am number 2 in the standings for a query on Skeet Surfing. While I didn’t plan it that way I am not surprised. Google loves blogs so they get up in the rankings rather quickly. Even a blog that gets as little traffic (relatively*) as this one.

So I am going to try an capitalize on this Skeet Surfing ranking while it lasts. I don’t proceed with this tack in a dishonest way; if I didn’t like the movie there’d be no way in hell I’d recommend it. But I love it. I own the Top Secret DVD. And at the low, low price of $6.99 (as of this post), why not buy 10 copies now?

Top Secret

So, there we have a little Ad-hoc SEO. Taking advantage of an opportunity, rather than setting out to create one. Which, in a way, I find a bit more ethical. I don’t blog to make money with this site. I would love to make more money (who wouldn’t) but I am thankful** for the money I make now.

* When I say little, I don’t bemoan anything. I appreciate greatly the traffic I get and while raw numbers are low compare to some sites, I have enjoyed the large percentage jump thanks to this site’s inclusion in the 9rules Network.

** Woo! It sufficed as a Thanksgiving Day post, too!