Journal of Usability Studies v1i1

The inaugural issue of UPAs Journal of Usability Studies is now online.

The issue includes:

Usability for the Masses, by Jakob Nielsen,
A discussion of the notions of discount and guerrilla usability in the contemporary challenges of growing needs for usability services and professionals.

Usability Testing of Mobile Applications: A Comparison between Laboratory and Field Testing, by Anne Kaikkonen, Aki Kekäläinen, Mikael Cankar, Titti Kallio, and Anu Kankainen,
An empirical study demonstrating that testing mobile applications in the laboratory may not be much different than field testing.

Iterative Usability Testing as Continuous Feedback: A Control Systems Perspective, by Alex Genov (my boy! yeah baby!),
A proposal to adopt the framework of Systems Control Theory (aka Cybernetics) to understand and extracting the benefits of iterative testing.

Towards the Design of Effective Formative Test Reports, by Mary Theofanos and Whitney Quesenbery,
A description of the international efforts to develop a common report format for the results of formative usability tests.

Usability Testing of Travel Websites, by Deborah S. Carstens and Pauline Patterson,
An empirical study and discussion of the usability heuristics related to travel web sites.

All the articles are PDF, which sucks. I don’t mind the availability of PDF versions of an article, but i am not sure how user friendly PDF-only is. If I want to link you to an article, it is so much easier to do if it is HTML. I wonder what drove the PDF-only decision…

Still, the quality should be there. I’ve read things from most of the people contributing to this issue (and even worked with one of them, guess which one) and they tend to offer up good things to read. I look forward to printing out each article, stacking it on my desk, and eventually skimming it at some point when I have time.

Just being realistic. These days if it doesn’t come in blog format it’s hard for me to pay attention. I have BIADD: Blog-Induced Attention Deficit Disorder. And with the impending advent of RSVPRSS (still need a better name)… I’ll be in real trouble.