Samurai Champloo — Volume 7

I just popped in to Best Buy to pick up a movie for Chuck who is one of the owners of TC Buzz (where I am typing this right now). He’s working tonight and I offered to get a couple of movies for him to show on the big screen TV* they have here.

I didn’t find the movies he asked me to get, but I thought I would look in the Anime section; just on the off chance Samurai Champloo — Volume 7 had come out. I know it isn’t supposed to come out until January 16, as Amazon tells me:

Samurai champloo vol 7

But hope springs eternal, right?

I looked on the post-xmas rearranged shelves and there was Volume 7. So I bought it. Cool. :) Only 3 episodes on it, but supposedly all is wrapped up. I’ve only been watching the series on DVD, so I am out of the loop as to how it ends.

But my big question is: why does Best Buy have it and Amazon doesn’t and won’t for another 2 weeks? I always got the impression that a release date was a release date. Meh, I shouldn’t complain as I have it now.

So go to Best Buy and get a copy. No waiting.

* Long story short, Tony and Chuck received a 50″ TV in return for a favour they did someone. The TV was delivered to the cafe and it’s been here since.