A Big Company

I had an odd conversation last week with a friend. It went (roughly) like this:

Mike: You know, this place is a big company.
Me: Yes. Duh.
Mike: Like, really big.
Me: Uh, I think I said “duh” already.
Mike: So you design web apps for one of the biggest companies around.
Me: Oh. Yeah, I guess that’s true.

State Farm fluctuates from year to year with its position in the Fortune 500, but almost always it is in the top 25. I think it was at 21 last year.

So basically I design web applications for a Fortune 25 company. When I look at it this way, it’s pretty cool.

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  1. I also currently work for a Fortune 500 company. We’re behind State Farm but we’re still easily in the top 100. Mike’s comments are eye opening and refreshing, especially with consulting and the possibility of my own business always pulling at me…

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