Since I live in a small town with few tall buildings from which to shout, I’ll use the next best thing…

Nine years ago today I was in Anchorage, Alaska being taught how to put on a Great Kilt. I also had to stop by the Glacier Brewery to pick up a couple of kegs of very nice micro-brew. I had to stop by the store to pick up 10 disposable cameras. I had to stop by L’aroma to pick up the food trays and the two cakes. Then it was off to the airport to pick up my soon-to-be Mother-in-Law.

That last sentence should be the give-away. Today is the ninth anniversary of my marriage to Claire.

Me and Claire.

But for a change, let’s skip over the usual, my “best friend,” my “completes me,” or my “what makes life so wonderful.” Sure, she’s all that, but frankly those statements are appropriate for people who are in their first 5 years of marriage. What should you focus on for the second 5 years, soon-to-be-entering your third 5 year period?

The best thing about being at the latter part of your second 5 year stint is that you have figured out almost all the things that drive you up the fucking wall.

So as an alternate to pottery, I think the Ninth Wedding Anniversary gift should be to take a moment and acknowledge all the things that piss you off about the other person. List them all in your head and, in your imagination, pile them up on a table. Look well at them.

Then realize that even that pile of personal hubris isn’t enough to weigh down the fact that you are completely indebted to, enthralled by, empowered by, and seduced by one single person. And that makes you really, freakin’ lucky.

And since this is my version of a tall building…

I love you, Claire!


  1. Thanks for the kind words, fellas. Now if I can just get her to get into the kitchen and make me a turkey pot pie!

    Yeah, that’ll never happen. ;)

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