SXSW: Back On

Bah. So far it’s been like this:

Going to SXSW as of last October. Not going as of late November. Yes going for two days in December. Not going since December until last night.

Many things changed in relation to the reasons I would go to SXSW. One of the biggest reasons was financial. I had a lot of medical bills last fall and it really hurt my bank account, and to some extent continues to do so. But things changed this past week and I am now able to afford to go.

I will be bowling while I am there. I was asked to do 20×2 but it looks like they have their list of 20 already. That’s what I get for flip-flopping. Though each decision was the right decision at the time.

I look forward to kickball (I’ll bring proper shoes this time). And there are some panels that look pretty interesting, especially the panel with Nick Finck and James Archer, et al.

To all the 9rulers who are attending, I look forward to meeting you. To those I met last year, or who I only ever see at conferences, I look forward to seeing you again.