The Secret to Great Design, or On Cohabitation With Bees While in a Bonneted State

The secret behind great* Design** is to apply simple common sense***.

The challenge is taking what is common sense to one person and making it common to many.

This sounds difficult, but is much simpler than taking the unique sense of many and trying to derive a common filter.

I’ve said it before and I shall say it again: design by committee sucks.

* By “great” I mean to invoke thoughts of complete, accurate, intentioned, usable, useful, and satisfying solutions to problems.

** By “Design” (often verbalized by those in the know (okay, just me) as “Big D design”) I mean everything under the sun that solves a real problem from making a web site Rundle-rific, to some schmo in 1939 who said to himself, “Me… I sure wish there was an easier way to keep this bread bag closed.”

*** “Common sense” is rarely a common thing. “Compromised sense” might be more appropriate, however recent market research has determined that this phrase “lacks mouth feel” and that “common sense dictates we should not promote a new catch phrase at this time.”