Hire Will Pate

My good friend Will Pate is looking to make some company even better than it is today.

I’ve known Will for a few years now and have always been impressed with his ability to get to the heart of issues, talk (and more importantly) listen to people, and come up with ways for everyone to benefit from positive growth.

Yes, that sounds like a Dale Carnegie-influenced statement (as I have been accused of before) but with Will it really is true. Just look at what Will accomplished over the last year:

I’m moving on from Raincity Studios, because I’ve done my part in getting this startup off the ground and now it’s time for me to take on my next challenge. In just one year we’re now recognized as the best Drupal design firm in the world and one of the best web 2.0 professional services firms in the world. I hit over 170k worth of sales in 2005 and 230k already in the first quarter of 2006 (this could rise before I leave). We’ve almost tripled our staff to meet client demand.

My guess is Will would thrive best in a small- to mid-sized company that can allow for different approaches to problems. Not that he couldn’t excel at a large company, but I feel the company wouldn’t be able to keep up with him. Unless you have a special project that needs a unique approach… Say something involving online marketing, especially related to blogging… :)

Had I the means, I would hire Will right now. Just so I could say, “Will, please go make me lots of money. And make some for yourself, too.” And he would do it.

If you have ever spoken with Will at a conference, or worked with him, you know what I am saying is true.

Check out Will’s resume and his LinkedIn profile, then offer him and insane amount of money so he can make you an insane amount of money.