Usability In Gaming

John Rhodes over at is building a list of resources that speak to the usability of games.

If you are a game designer, or better yet thinking of getting into game design, check out these resources and possibly avoid some pitfalls that lead to asshat design. And as we all know, asshat design in the gaming world can lead quickly to horrible sales; if no one can play the game, or even enjoy it then no one will buy it.

And that can lead to layoffs.

And then you are out of a job because you didn’t take time to read some research on usability in gaming.

And then you have to live in a cardboard box and update your blog from one of the many non-Starbucks, highly caffeinated, wifi-enabled, “eMobility” offices that keep cropping up all over the place and not just in the Bay Area.

Slippery slope people.


  1. 1. Love “asshat” as a word.

    2. I’m shocked folks haven’t added any comments to my posting. WebWord gets enough traffic and exposure that there should be *some* level of activity. Strange!

    3. I’m pretty hot right now. My office door is closed and I’ve got this really thick sweater on. It makes it hard to come up with anything interesting here.

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