SXSW is People!

While I have been taking pictures the past two days that I have been here, I’ve tried to stay away from the computer for the most part. And that is a decidedly good thing.

The open laptop is a wall. SXSW is people. Laptops get in the way of people.

I’ll most likely blog some of the panels, but for the most part I think I will try to just be here. And for those of you who thought they shouldn’t go this year, for a multitude of good reasons, you need to be here next year. There are a lot of friendly, smart, idea-inspiring people here. If you get that where you live, well then good on ya.

Overall it’s quite crowded here as there is another conference going on at roughly the same time. Ha, I must be really tired as I just spent the last 5 minutes staring out the window at nothing. That’s what 4 hours of sleep will do. I’ll sleep on Thursday.

Last year I had the experience of being a fanboy toward a lot of the people I met. I also got a lot of, “Don’t I know you from something?” Not so much this year. I am enjoying meeting new people, but from my experience last year I know that they are just people. And they types I might feel fanboy-ish about don’t go for that kind of interaction at all.

However, it’s funny to see Anton Peck‘s interaction with people; it’s much the same as my experience last year. Not so much with the fanboy (though he did do that a bit ;) ), but he’s getting a lot of, “Don’t I know you?” And when they make the connection, he usually gets the surprising-to-him reaction of, “Dude, you are so **** talented!”

So he’s one-uping me on that account.

Time to panelize myself.