Wait For It

This is part prediction, part wish.

Based on everything I saw at SXSW, the coming 12 months will bring a lot of changes and not just to the web. So much energy, creativity, inspiration, and motivation was spawned. Things will come in big, small, and smaller packages, but one thing is for sure: sit back and prepare to be amazed.

Keep in mind somethings though. Screw the business plan. Screw the monetizing methods. What will be created and shared over the coming year might make money, but that won’t be the point. It won’t be an issue of being afraid to charge people for products or services. It will be an issue of creation for the sake of doing wonderful things.

Keep your eyes and your mind open. Hundreds and hundreds of people are about to let loose by themselves and by banding (secret pun intended) together.

The Ides of March is, once again, a good thing.