Travelocity Continues to Suck

My most active post, via search results and comments is I Hate Travelocity.

When I wrote the post, I specifically titled it as such to get it to show up in search results for people who weren’t happy with Travelocity. Better still, just searching on the term “travelocity” gets that post into the top 20, sometimes into the top 10.

I own part of their online reputation.

Many of the comments on that post are in the “I agree!” category. Most feel Travelocity betrayed them in some fashion. I don’t know to what level Travelocity should have helped them then, or even now. One commenter went so far as to use all caps in his comment. My guess is that he is pretty upset.

I’ve left comments open on purpose. I want that post to be a place people can go to read about others’ unfortunate interactions with Travelocity. I am not on a mission to wreck the company, far from it. I am just using a blog to carry part of the conversation for them and (as was my hope) to them.

Well, hope (like other things that spring) springs eternal and I was rewarded today with a comment from an actual Travelocity company representative. Here is his initial comment:

I hope people are still reading this I work for Travelocity and if you think we give a shit about your petty complaints you are wrong. This is all your fault didn’t read the rules can’t change a name on a ticket. This is the same thing all of us deal with on a daily basis a bunch of morons so if you don’t want to use us then go somewhere else and PLEASE pass this message along to the other moron travelers I DARE YOU.


“Moron Travelers…”

Let’s take a quick poll: Do you think that is a decent way to talk to your current and potential customers? I get to vote too. No.

And I said as much:

Wow. If Jared truly works for Travelocity, I hope he gets fired for speaking like this to customers and potential customers.

But since this post has never received feedback from an actual, recognisable Travelocity representative, I bet Jared will have a long future with Travelocity.

My feeling is that any passer-by can feel the people that are commenting are morons. I think even Jared can feel this way. But stepping up as a corporate representative and saying such a thing is in very bad form.

My comment spurred this response from Jared:

Yes Matthew I do still work for Travelocity and I get these same calls every day, fare alerts we don’t know how many seats there are once they are gone that is it. Refunds take 30 days that is the credit card companies (more interest), Sam didn’t read the fine print. Mr. Pittas while unfortunate we can’t help that the Riande wouldn’t honor his reservation. As far as Andrew goes names on tickets are non transferable…You can pass this message along and put it on any board you want. Go somewhere else until you screw up and don’t get your way then find another place to go. We don’t need any more moron travelers at Travelocity.

Emphasis mine.

The problem (for me, others might not have it) is that Jared is speaking on behalf of Travelocity. Regardless if the people who commented (or I for that matter with the original post) are correct or incorrect about their grievance, the company of Travelocity should not be treating people this way. It furthers the mind set (right or wrong) that Travelocity is a bad company if they allow people like Jared to respond on their behalf.

There was an opportunity to be polite and remind people, once again, that reading the fine print is a good idea. But Jared chose to take his Call Center Hate out on people through my blog; something I bet he can’t do in an environment where a call comes every 30 seconds.

I suggest that there is likely something Travelocity could do to reduce the amount of calls they receive. But then they may have to downsize Jared. All these “morons” as he calls them gives him a job.

As such, another Travelocity Sucks post. I don’t truly believe that Jared is speaking on behalf of Travelocity with their knowledge. But unless someone else comes along, Jared is the company’s official spokesperson around these parts. Methinks that isn’t a good thing. It might be good if someone from Vollmer PR, who seems to handle Travlocity’s public and media relations would stop by and comment… Or better yet, Jeff Glueck (Travelocity’s CMO) himself!

Oh, and in the interests of full disclosure and all that: I bought my ticket to SXSW via Travelocity. I found a flight that was $200 less than on Expedia. I decided to give them a try when I couldn’t find anything under $400 on Expedia. I figured, what could it hurt. And for the most part it was a very painless process.


  1. So, that’s what working at a call center will do to a guy after a while, eh? There’s no excuse for it and, if I made similar comments about our customers and associated my name with my company, I’d expect to be fired if it came to light.

    Really, there would be nothing unethical about writing to Travelocity’s executives informing them about Jared.

  2. You guys won’t use Travelocity anyway the fact is we are part of the big 3 I am sure you can figure out the other 2. Now let me address the complaints specifically. First with the fare watcher your dated must be flexable, if you click on a green box that sends a message to the airline then you get one back not available. That is what happened to you not our fault. Bob didn’t read the fine print same with Sam. I deal with people all day that believe they are the exception to the rule. They didn’t buy insurance so they want us to waive a cancelation fee or not charge them an exchange fee. You can say what you want this isn’t our fault so if you want to go somewhere else fine we will still conduct business as usual.

  3. Jared, it’s nice that you’re reading here, but I wonder what purpose you hope to serve.

    The customer doesn’t want “not our fault”. If such a large number of customers have expectations out of line with your actual business practices, dismissing them as morons ignores the law of averages. It suggests that it is, in fact, your business practices that are out of line with reasonable expectations.

    Second, opting for flexible travelling dates doesn’t imply that the UI must be whack-a-mole. It’s not the customer’s fault that you put a brain-dead UI over the individual inquiries? How about “flexible within this date range”, and you go do queries on those dates and only return the dates that are actually available? Does that cost an extra penny to do? I bet selling another ticket means lots of pennies.

    But back to the larger point– do you honestly think its useful to be rude and defensive in response to these complaints? I mean, why are you spending your time being a jackass?

  4. Jeremy said “But back to the larger point– do you honestly think its useful to be rude and defensive in response to these complaints? No but I want all to know that read this DON’T BLAME THE TRAVEL AGENCY FOR ALL YOUR PROMBLEMS. Especially people like Sam I can’t believe someone would say “I didn’t read the fine print so since I didn’t get my way I won’t use you again and I am going to tell every I talk to.” I mean what an idiot I hope he was never late with rent, mortage or a credit card payment not from expierebce but I know what would happen but then again I read the fine print. Jeremy also said “I mean, why are you spending your time being a jackass.” That is how we do business and I want all to see this. But this is the best statement of all “But since this post has never received feedback from an actual, recognisable Travelocity representative” Do you think they care or have time to look for this stuff? I bet Jared will have a long future with Travelocity”.

  5. I had a bad experience with Travelocity recently and have been searching the web for more info. I’ve seen Jared’s name on at least 4 other blogs repeating the same message, “This is the same thing all of us deal with on a daily basis a bunch of morons so if you don’t want to use us then go somewhere else and PLEASE pass this message along to the other moron travelers I DARE YOU.” However, in his last message he writes, “But this is the best statement of all “But since this post has never received feedback from an actual, recognisable Travelocity representative” Do you think they care or have time to look for this stuff?”
    Didn’t Jared do just that? He went looking for this stuff.

  6. So many people had a bad expierence with Travelocity. But what we should have is a board about the workers of Travelocity that had a bad expierence with the travelers. Oh well I guess Holly is another one that won’t use Travelocity again.

  7. We at Travelocity are like car salesman we will do whatever to get you to buy and if everything goes as planned you will think we are the greatest and will come back. But if something goes wrong and you need customer service well you are SOL I am just telling you how it is the people that delt with us know this if you haven’t dealt with us remember what I have said

  8. Coming from Travelocity, I can say Jared is not a Travelocity representative, and should realize the legal liability involved.

    I apologize for letting this go on so long and for the frustration I’ve seen here. We do take customer service very seriously, and I am forwarding these issues to teams in the company.

  9. Jared also left messages on my blog….here is my post with his comments…

    I admit what happened was my fault to begin with, but lack of customer service from the outsourced workers is what really got me pissed.

    I am still waiting for the response from their customer service department on the fax and email I sent…they said they would get back to me in 4 to 6 weeks…waiting now in week three…

    I will gladly show my letter to anyone who wants to read it…

  10. I don’t care what anybody says Travelocity sucks you took some 700 American jobs and gave them to India probably because you wouldn’t have to pay them USD (yeh more like 1.45 hr.) When you call for customer service you get some guy that can’t speak english then will transfer you all over the place. Once someone helps you they say “I will write down what you told me and foward it.” You couldn’t pay me to use Travelocity again. I would rather have DR. Hook do a GYN exam.

  11. I have just gotten an email from the VP of Communications at Travelocity and they are looking further into the problems we had on our trip. He also noted that this ‘Jared’ guy is not an employee of Travelocity and they have been tracking him. I am anxiously awaiting to see if they can come to the table with something that will make us happy. And I would be more happy to see what happens to this Jared guy…you know they can follow IP addresses these days. I will post when I hear more from the executives at Travelocity.

  12. I don’t think Jared is a Travelocity rep. His English is too good!

  13. The issues we had with Travelocity have been resolved. After several emails back and forth and a little research on their end, they have offered us a solution that we were more than happy to take. They did apoligize for our problems and for this Jared character, at this point I think they have really stepped up to the plate in our case…

  14. Glad to hear that they were able to help you out, Kelly! I’ve had very little luck with the company: they overbilled (nearly three times what the price was supposed to be) for a flight, and I experienced much of the same frustration with customer service. They were unable to help. They eventually told me that they would be able to arrange a refund in 30 days. (I’m going after my PhD and low on funds, so my budget is always way tight; so by the time the refund would have come in, the utilities and rent checks would have bounced.) I finally gave up on Travelocity and contacted the airline directly. They proved helpful.

    Travelocity seems to have a hard time responding in a timely, substantial way. I doubt I’ll be using them again.

  15. Jared here I figured I would make one LAST appearance to defend myself and by the time this is read by anyone my computer will be on a moveing van heading far away from here so this is posted from an ex employee of travelocity and I will tell you why they suck and list all the reasons they don’t care about customer service and then you won’t here from me again. DT said I didn’t work at Travelocity well I did at the time he posted I didn’t I gladly gave my resigination some month before because I knew I would be moveing soon and because they screwed me out of alot of money in comissions. So lets look at why I can tell you they don’t give a shit about customer service.
    1. Takeing away american jobs and giving them to India where most of them don’t speak good english and you can’t seem to get them to understand your promblem or can’t understand them but I am sure Travelocity saved some money on payroll.
    2. You purchase a 14 day advance ticket at 9:45 p.m. pst and it sits around in queue for 20 minutes so when it’s ticketed at 12:05 a.m. cst no more 14 day advance guess what you loose.
    3. I can’t tell you how many times I had a customer call and thier ticket had been issued but multiple times if they catch it within 24 hrs. great if not you have to send in your credit card statement showing us proof. Of course if we gave a shit about the customer we would clearly be able to see our mistake and correct it and if you used a debit card I hope you have some extra money sitting around because you are screwed.
    4. How many people have seen a rate advertised for a flight, hotel or cruise only to try and get and fail and all we do is feed you some line of BS as to why we are not going to honor an advertised price?
    5. How many of you hotel clerks like our easy billing system for our hotels. 6. Speaking of hotels we are required to offer you what we call an MMH hotel which may be the best price if you are not military, AARP, AAA or senior citizen but try to get a rate for one of the above on a good buy hotel(the ones with the green tags) not going to happen we are going to tell you that is the best rate.
    Well I have defended myself and really not told anyone here something they already didn’t know.I must leave for good I have movers waiting on me. I will continue in the future to bash the shit out of Travelocity and tell everyone I come in contact with how bad they are and as an ex employee I will have more of a chance to have a listening ear. This is Jared saying good bye.

  16. Have spent 2 hours trying to cancel a total trip package to no avail. Travelocity’s policy is to
    frustrate you into giving up. Be warned. NEVER book with this company EVER. If you have to cancel,
    you’ll be screwed, even though you are guaranteed satisfaction. You’ll be told that you have to be
    transferred to a Total Trip Department. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t exist.

    Without question, the worst and most dangerous anti-consumer friendly corporation I’ve ever dealt

    Save your money and time. Go elsewhere.

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