So You Wanna Be A Developer

I know someone who knows someone who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night. They also had this interesting interaction earlier in the day…

Said the Designer: “We had a small problem with the UI and I figured if we added an error message it would solve everything.”

Said the Developers: “Send it over and we’ll code it up.”

Said the Designer: “Okay.”

So the Designer sent an email which said the following: “If OK, do not want the app success screen to display. How about “Your changes have been submitted successfully” message box. [OK]”

Which the Designer thought (given the recent conversation and a shared understanding of both the context in which the error could arise, and the issue of the error itself) would suffice to communicate what the error message should say.

Granted, the grammar of the Designer’s email could use a bit of polish, but one wouldn’t expect the Developers to come back with the following:

Bad developers create bad error message.

And no, this wasn’t an April Fools joke on the part of the Developers. This is really what their solution was.

So you wanna be a Developer? A good trait would be to ask questions. Be curious. Don’t just copy and paste everything, especially if it looks odd to you.

I need to start a new category: Sigh…

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