On the Importance of Well Written Notes

I was in a meeting the other day. I wrote the following:

D i y D, D i y D

tell PM when due

accurate or w t w t h

m a w b acc.

Eithe way not a T P.

Export on camp det

And I have no idea what it means, either.

A prize goes to the person who can tell me what I meant. You won’t suss out any company secrets, that much I am sure. But you might help me rememebr if I am supposed to do something. ;)


  1. Do it yourself dork, do it yourself dork. Tell the project manager when it’s due,
    accurately or with the way that hurts. Make a way back accessible. Either way not a total package. Export on basecamp with details.

    This is dead on I’m sure. Some context would help ;)

  2. “Tell the project manager when it’s due.” Yes.

    The rest… not so much.

    I do recall that I was sitting next to someone about whom this is mostly written. So I used this shorthand that he wouldn’t see what I was writing.

    Ah well.

  3. Not long ago, I was so tired that I actually feel asleep in the middle of writing some notes. When I awoke, I found that my hand had actually continued writing.

    What I saw on the paper looked pretty much like what you posted above.

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