Sound and Memory

I am sitting in my basement right now with Sagan.

Red cell

We are under a tornado warning. The sirens started about 10 minutes ago. Sirens start, we go in the basement. And of course we go up again a few times to get the things we forgot. Like books to keep Sagan distracted (not that all the crap in the basement wouldn’t do thejob :), phone, laptop…

The thing that bugs me the most about these tornado sirens is that they tell you when to hide, but not when to come out again. There isn’t an “all clear” signal. I assume that a longering lack of sound is sign enough. Plus the fact that I didn’t just hear a train outside our house.

This is the second time this Spring we’ve been in the basement for such an event. I bet there will be many more times to come.

The funny thing… Growing up in Alaska, we just didn’t have this kind of weather. No tornadoes, hurricanes, or even lightning storms. I never saw lightning until the year I left AK; 1998. That to me was a sign of global warming. Not having this kind of weather while growing up kind of freaks me out about it now. I hate storms and the thought of being ripped to shreds by strong winds (I might not be alone on that last point). Right, the funny thing.

Growing up in Alaska, I heard the same sound the sirens in my neighborhood now (here in Central IL) are making. Same exact sound. Only for me as a kid it was a reminder that the Soviets could bomb us any day. I just thought about that as we walked down stairs a bit ago. Air Raid Sirens. How odd is that?

In the 70s and 80s, Alaska was on the front line of the Cold War. We had duck and cover. Nope, that wasn’t just in the 50s. Completely odd time. Each time has its oddities I suppose. It’s just that the span which seperates you from the event, as it lengthens, tends to add at least a modicum of humour.

It was a big deal in Anchorage when the first commercial flight from Russia landed after the Cold War ended. Areoflot was the name of the company. Funny name. Lots of hand shaking and picture taking. Probably involving people who “hated” each other the month before. Ah, commerce, how you bind us and divide us based on the whims of a very few people who tend to never be too whimsical.

Well, I’ve wandered enough in this post. Better publish it before we lose power.

“It’s rainin’ real hard here.”