Boy Proclaims Local Paper Does Good

The newspaper that is published locally has 13 blogs (or 1 blog with 13 authors depending on your point of view) which are run on WordPress and RSS feeds to boot.

Pantagraph blogs

The Pantagraph, the paper with a funny name and a penchant for grammar mistakes seems to have been blogging away for a couple of months now. *looks through archives on page at a time due to crappy IA* Apparently since January.

From reading some of the comments thus far I can conclude that the initial draw seems to be people who really would write a Letter-to-the-Editor expecting everyone to truly stop throwing lit (or otherwise) cigarettes out their car windows.

Wha? And a forum that’s been running for 2 months now? I am shocked! Shocked I tells ya!

Congrats to the Pantagraph for embracing public discourse beyond the OP/ED page. I wonder how long it will take before they go all electronic.